Simplicity® Framework and has been designed to be extremely easy to use, pain-free to implement and adopt, versatile and nimble for your future expansion needs, as well as enterprise risk free.
Enterprise Management Suite
Solution that assists in all aspects of asset and maintenance management.
Supply Chain Management Suite​​
Solution to manage all supply chain-related activities for your organization.
Decision Support Modules​
Contain 3 types of modules to support your organization needs.
Service Management Suite
Solution that assist in all aspects of customer relationship management.

Enterprise Asset Management Suite

The Asset Management Module forms the foundation of the Suite. It maintains a comprehensive asset register, tracking all relevant asset data including equipment-specific parameters, maintenance plans, safety checklists as well as location-specific details.
The Maintenance Management Module is where all maintenance and engineering work activities, both ad-hoc and scheduled, are managed and tracked.  It provides support for the creation and management of the entire work order process, including ensuring conformance to specific job plans for fault resolution. 

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management Module provides comprehensive capabilities for the management of raw material stock, MRO spares and consumables across multiple stores.  For extended flexibility, the Module supports both a global inventory catalog as well as individual store-specific catalogs. 

Contract Management

Simplicity®’s Contract Management Module provides comprehensive tools for the management of the life-cycle of service contracts, from creation, maintenance, renewal and termination to ensure your organization's operation to run smoothly.

Procurement Management

The Procurement Management Module allows the organization to manage the entire procurement process, from the purchase requisition (PR) stage, requests-for-quotation (RFQ), purchase orders (PO), to final goods receipt and invoice matching.

Service Management Suite

The Customer 360 Database provides a centralized register of prospect, customer and caller information. It keeps track of key customer information as well as all pertinent data (such as organization, caller profile), and is the central source for 360 degree view of customer relationship.
The Service Quality Management Module allows you to manage and benchmark services rendered during the organization’s operational activities. The Module also helps ensure the delivery of reliable, efficient and measurable service levels to its Clients by providing tools for the management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


The Dashboard hosts a series of interactive charts that display real-time statistics from the Simplicity® database. 


The Reports Module allows users to generate standard and customized reports according to their access rights. 

Adds On Modules

Simplicity® Mobile Apps project the capabilities of the Asset and Maintenance Modules into the field. Key functionalities are available on both Android and iOS platforms.