Monitoring Services

A perfect condition is crucial to ensure healthy crops and highest yield available for agriculture business. From planting to harvesting, from managing electricity, water, soil, staff and machinery to creating the right climate for your farm, all this aspect requires large amount of care and energy. Our comprehensive suite of smart solutions can help you grow smarter in any kind of environment, be it indoors or outdoors.

Crops & Soil Monitoring

Staff monitoring

Equipment monitoring

Climate monitoring and forecasting

Analytics & Management

Data collected by sensors can be used to track the state of your business such as staff performance, equipment efficiency, energy and water usage as well as give insights into crops production & condition through real time 3D analysis and graphics in system dashboard.

Integrated controls for the best result

Our systems are all integrated with each other. A total integration of water, climate, and energy management ensures that you have complete control over all technical processes that are relevant in cultivation. No matter what crop you grow, Anacle enables you to link and control all the processes and systems in your business, allowing your crops to grow perfectly, just like your business.