Visualization of the City

Leveraging data visualization to enhance city view (map view & 3D view). We provide sophisticated tools to analyze data streams, operate and monitor the city. Include a single screen data visualization software integrated with charts, software functions, IoT sensors and controllers and much more.

Asset Management

Our solution compromises a smart AI that monitor and learn the performance level of each equipment & behavior, providing early fault detection and notification to person in charge, ensuring all high value assets in the highest performance level. The solutions also provide the capabilities of smart asset management automation, prompting personnel on the assets which required attention on daily basis.

Energy Management

Enable real-time energy data & power equality measurement to be display on the digital twin platform which automatically analyze & notify users on abnormal activities of each particular equipment, ensuring the highest availability & operating time.

Contract Management

Our smart system is the ultimate full workflow solution for engaging, prequalifying, managing, tracking and ensuring the ongoing day to day contractor management activities. Features include:

Workflow Schedule
Performance Report
Contract Repository
Create Alerts

Traffic Management

With our solutions, city councils can integrate a smart traffic system into their traffic cabinets and intersections today for a fast, cost-effective improvements in safety as well as traffic flow on their city streets. The systems utilize sensors, cameras and cellular routers to monitor and automatically direct traffic and reduce congestion.

Complain Management

Our complaint management system provides multichannel capabilities, advanced reporting functionalities as well as a platform for cross-functional collaboration and immediate customer feedback system. We are capable of f handling, managing, responding to, and reporting customer grievances easily and quickly.