Analytics & Management

Space management

Provide insight on vendors performance whether they are utilizing the space to yield higher rent. This enables management to measure the concentration of a crowd and provides in-depth view on the engagement of shoppers.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is possible with our smart solutions. This includes improve product placement, order fulfilment & stock replenishment in order to provide better customer service.

Energy Management

Anacle provide the intuitive tools to improve and manage the usage of energy. Its vast & powerful appliances can be connected together to automate operations and ultimately reduce energy costs.

Work As You Go

Mobile apps

Management Dashboard

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Monitoring Equipment

Staff Monitor Tool

Realtime Monitoring

Traffic Management

Traffic information is a critical tool to the success of shopping malls. By leveraging data offered by our system, management able to understand the visitors’ trend over different days of the week and months.

Parking Management

Our Smart Parking system is designed to be scalable and can be tailored to any site. As such, we provide a traffic management plan and devise the best way to direct traffic flow to suitable parking spots without a hassle.

Customers Profiling

Provide real-time customer profiling data with high accuracy level on customers’ age, gender, emotion, and more.

Foot Count

We have the capability to monitor the movement of people coming in and out of the store or building to understand performance levels of each stores of the building.