Smart Water

Together with Starlight® and The Tesseract® which is the world’s smartest power meter, the ultimate paradigm of Edge Computing enables support for pressure management, smart network operations and maintenance of the water cycle, smart water meter technology as well as smart water quality monitoring.

Smart Retail

Simplicity ® and Starlight ®, the industry-leading utility billing technology, deliver smart features to optimize operations by responding instantly to customers’ needs and market trends.

Smart Energy

With certified Hyper Smart Energy Meter from Suruhanjaya Tenaga, SIRIM and TNB registered smart metering vendor, our solution are proven to be accurate as per governance standard on all parties, eliminating disputes data on energy reading as well as track and monitor energy consumption efficiently.

Smart Agriculture

Our smart solutions features such as IoT sensors & controllers, interactive 3D visualization and software system able to monitor everything from crops cultivation, weather condition to cattle breeding.

Smart Building

Our smart solutions, Starlight® provides intuitive tools to improve and manage the usage of energy, water as well as building operations.

Smart Fire

Equip with Digital Twin and Geographical Information System technology, critical real-time data can be sent to fire stations and mobile devices instantly to ensure the safety of people and the building.

Smart Billing

Our solution is designed to manage data of the billing process regarding the customers, products and prices. Powered by market leading Simplicity® Business Software, with a proven track record of No 2 in Singapore market based on Frost & Sullivan 2016.

Smart Municipal Management

Our Simplicity® solutions provides workflow driven end-to-end automation and advanced big data analytics that aims to achieve the best quality of life for all people, businesses and environment while minimizing the consumption of resources.