Anacle Data is a well-established company which part of the shareholding is owned by Anacle System, mainly focus in Hong Kong, Singapore and China market and listed in Hong Kong share market. Anacledata focus market is now in Malaysia, aiming at an improved lifestyle to all Malaysian, implementing smart system to Malaysia community, in every main area of life. This mission is led by our CEO major shareholder of the company Dato Leonard Lee who has successfully brought these new technologies to most of our significant public and private sectors.


Anacle has earned the admiration of many experts’ leaders worldwide. We are one of the most powerful suppliers of smart technology ranges from energy efficiency, water and fire management as well as home and building efficiency systems. Our technology allows us to operate at peak efficiency, providing accurate data-driven services that match your organization's needs, all while continuously reduce cost, improved energy distribution and increase sustainability.

Anacle’s vision has led to many pioneering software and hardware products that have leapfrogged the market in terms of user friendliness and smart functionality. Our Simplicity® and Starlight® systems have a long tradition of industry firsts in design, features and technical prowess. We adhere to the highest standards of governance and ethics.

Our Client

Empowering New ICT, Building a Better Smart City

Anacle specialize in creating a world where communities can improve energy distribution and improved infrastructure, economic development, reduced environmental footprint as well as the life quality of people with the help from IoT. In a world that is constantly shape by technology, our mission is to create a greener, safer, faster & improve quality and flexibility of a city and the people in it.

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Dato Leonard Lee



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Felix Loo

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Jason Lim

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Our Client