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Digital Transformation In Utilities

This step involves using digital technologies to remake a process to become more efficient or effective. The idea of digital transformation is to use technology to not just replicate an existing service in a digital form, but to use technology to transform that service into something that’s significantly better.


Together with Starlight® and The Tesseract® which is the world’s smartest power meter, the ultimate paradigm of Edge Computing enables support for pressure management, smart network operations and maintenance of the water cycle, smart water meter technology and water quality monitoring.

Electric & Energy

Certified with the Hyper Smart Energy Meter from Suruhanjaya Tenaga and approved by SIRIM and TNB as a registered smart metering vendor, our solutions have been proven to be accurate according to governance standards and guidelines, which, in the long run, help to eliminate data disputes on energy reading while tracking and monitoring energy consumption efficiently.

• ERP consultancy


• Building & facility management


Network operators have had to adapt to the constantly changing trends of the digital age in the past decade. From just voice and SMS, telcos are now moving towards fast-growing fifth-generation (5G) deployment, which promises extremely fast speeds, extraordinary low latency and the capacity to carry massive numbers of connections simultaneously, as it is driven by an enormous amount of data from the internet. As we move to a more digitised society, this transformation becomes faster than before and telco operators are revolutionising mobile technology, which ultimately has the potential to significantly improve consumer lives while providing businesses with new opportunities for value creation.

• SME consultancy Services
• ERP Consultancy
• Leverage network insight
• Minimize service disruption
• Streamline field operation
• Optimize network design
• Increase network utilization