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Digital Agriculture

Anacle Data’s Smart Agriculture offers total integrated solutions that are consistent to IoT, drones, interactive 3D visualization, hardware and software system and AI installed in your premises to allow entrepreneurs to optimise and make solid decisions on their most important resources, water, labour and energy. Thanks to a our powerful dashboard with analytical capabilities and in-built reporting features, you’ll be able to gain insight and keep track on plant crop health, energy and water distribution as well as climate control to the entire farm. Our solutions make it possible for you to fully optimise agricultural processes which can result in better quality and business efficiency, anywhere in the world.

Our smart solutions comprise features such as IoT sensors and controllers, interactive 3D visualization and a software system that is able to monitor everything from crops’ cultivation to weather conditions and cattle breeding.



Climate Monitoring & Forecasting

We are able to build a weather station on site and can directly produce data from the national weather forecast station to provide the best climate for your crops with efficient use of energy.

Crops & Soil Monitoring

Each plant is tagged to monitor its condition and growth so that data can be collected and measured effectively.

The moisture level in crops can be managed through an actuator-triggered sprinkler system. While we do not provide the sprinkler system, we are able to control the sprinkle valve remotely or automatically with the threshold set in the system.

Crop conditions and growth rate along with the moisture and fertility of soil can also be monitored remotely through real-time analysis and graphics via mobile. This helps the farmer in making future plans and precise decisions for your farm.

Equipment Monitoring

Our solutions provide equipment monitoring to optimise production and maintenance management.

Additionally, you are able to recognise identify warnings before errors happen to avoid downtimes and respond quickly to possible issues.

As for remote monitoring, all existing sensors that have data output can be converted to smart sensors for remote monitoring, which allows you to streamline most of your business operations.

Staff Monitoring

Our high-tech combination of gateway and beacons provides the actual location of workers and keeps track of work statuses in real time.

This solution can also be linked to the crops management module to identify each crop that is attended by workers and keep track of the status of each task assigned to ensure you of the crops’ health and highest yield available for agriculture business.

Analytics & Planning

Data collected by sensors can be used to track the state of your business such as staff performance, equipment efficiency as well as energy and water usage while providing insights into crops’ production and conditions through real-time 3D analysis and graphics in the system’s dashboard.

Smart Farming

Here’s an emerging concept which refers to managing farms using modern Information and Communication Technologies such as IoT, robotics, drones and AI, despite the industry still being heavily reliant on traditional farming methods. As a way to future-proof your business by adopting agritech solutions, Smart Farming helps to increase the quality and quantity of products while optimising the human labour required.

Integrated Controls For The Best Result

Our systems are all integrated with one another. By integrating water, climate and energy management, you are ensured of complete control over all technical processes that are relevant in cultivation. No matter what crop you grow, Anacle Data enables you to link and control all the processes and systems in your business, thus allowing your crops to grow perfectly, just like your business.