Anacle’s Building Management Systems (BMS)

We adopt a wide range of IoT technologies to optimize building operation system and provide maximum comfort and ease to the people, with minimum energy utilization.

BMS are system installed in buildings to monitor and control its technical systems and services. It uses a computer-based system to control and monitor building equipment such as utilities management (energy, fire alarm, air conditioning and water) system, security, access control and other safety systems.

System Integration

The functionality of each individual building’s equipment is link together to operate as one complete integrated system. This makes monitoring and analysis more straightforward and comprehensive and allows information from one system to influence the controls for another.

People counting System

BMS has the capability to monitor the movement of people coming in and out of the building, or certain areas of the building. This system allows building owners to understand the traffic flow and occupancy levels of each rooms and floor of the buildings. With this information, you can reduce cost by controlling the ventilation system based on actual occupancy.

Security and Safety

Anacle’s BMS is carefully constructed in a manner that prioritise the safety of the people as well as keep your business operations running smoothly and safely. We provide CCTV monitoring system, fire detection system, access control system and intrusion detection system.

Space management

Equip with IoT solutions such as sensors and analytic platform that brings all your floor plans into a single, interactive display. Now, you can visualize your entire building space and at the same time gather data on any aspects of your building to ensures that all your assets are utilized properly.

Asset management

Asset management System is important for building owners to keep track of the equipment and inventory vital to day-to-day operation. Some of its main features are asset tracking, purchasing and requisition, asset history maintenance and preventive maintenance.


Together with Starlight® and The Tesseract® which is a powerful cloud based smart energy & water management IoT platform, we offer the complete solution for your company's need. With more that 400+ commercial buildings for energy monitoring and 100+ commercial buildings for water monitoring, we are proven to be a reliable, easy to deploy solution fast becoming the leader in the marketplace.

Billing System

Our solution is designed to manage data of the billing process regarding the customers, products and prices. Powered by market leading Simplicity® Business Software, with a proven track record of No 2 in Singapore market based on Frost & Sullivan 2016, we have successfully delivered our solutions to company such as AsiaMalls, Changi Airport Group, EM Real Estate, Ho Bee Land, The Heeren and many more. With our Smart Billing, you have access to support your current business and future expansion in a versatile, secure and cost-efficient manner.