FAMS (Fire Alarm Management System) does more than a fire panels system to notify and managing fire situation
in simpler, faster and high accuracy than ever.

Multi-tier Contact

In the event of fire, depending only on real-time notification is not sufficient. With FAMS, multiple contacts can be notified simultaneously and responses can be synchronized between fire stations using a smartphone application.

Fire Alert Automation

Firsthand information determines the response towards managing fire situation effectively. FAMS automate all crucial processes and provide accurate data for first responder and fire fighters to take control in the event of fire.

Fire Station Notifier

Visualization of fire scene in real-time to fire fighters greatly increase the efficiency of firefighting and management. Equip with Digital Twin and Geographical Information System technology, critical real-time data from fire scene are fed to fire stations and mobile devices instantly. With the combination of both features, fire fighters are able to conduct preparation and planning before arrival on fire scene.

Building Floor Plan Live View

FAMS has the capability to manage your building floor plan by accurately pin point the location of each detector. In the event of fire, the system provides interactive floor plan navigation to first responder.

Engagement. Control. Mobility

FAMS mobility application provide both responder and fire fighters with critical data at any place and anytime. Information synchronization between multiple users is achievable with FAMS mobility features.

No Human Intervention. Detect Genuine Fire. Reduce Operation Cost

The cost of false fire alarm causes millions of ringgit losses to the fire and rescue department. Equip with machine learning and artificial intelligent features, FAMS are able to determine genuine fire and notify respective responders and fire station in split seconds.

Stay safe. Stay Connected

Connect your building with FAMS. Engage our customer service today to find out more information on the solution.